You're getting married!


This is a monumental step forward in your life and will be a day that you will want to remember forever! I can safely assume that you are here because you want to immortalize your special day with the help of a photographer.  Before we get into prices and dates and bookings, I want to make sure that I am the right fit for you and your wedding first!

I am not the photographer to go to if you value quantity over quality. My plan is not to give you 1500 images that all look the same or have a generic filter thrown over them. My goal is to work with you and your special someone to create art that you will look back on and feel the same emotions as you did when you said your vows. I want to give you images that you will not only have to remember what happened, but to remember how you felt.  I want to create something for you that not only do you love, but also that I am proud to add to my collection of works.



If it's starting to sound like I'm the right fit for you, then please, continue reading to see how booking process with me will work.

First, you would obviously contact me through this website with which of my wedding or engagement packages you are interested in.

Then I would schedule a time to get on a Skype, Facebook messenger, or Facetime Video call so we can get to know each other. If you live nearby, then we can arrange a face to face meeting to grab coffee and talk about your big day. We can figure out what you want from me and I can show you what I have to offer you.

If we've decided that I am the perfect fit, then we can go ahead with the Booking process. I'll reserve your date, take a deposit, schedule engagement shoots or any other photography needs that you have, and I'll be all set to begin conceptualizing for the images that I hope will take your breath away.

As the date gets closer, I will periodically send you ideas and concepts to help shape in your head the images we will capture together. I will get contact information for your make up artists, hair dresser, florists, wedding planner, etc. to make sure that the stress of coordination is taken off of you so that your big day is as relaxing as can be.

The day of the Wedding!


It's here! the day we've all been waiting for!

hopefully by now, I've helped prepare you and your fiance for what's to come. I will arrive early to the venue to ensure that I know all of the perfect spots to capture the magic from. I will shoot everything from each of you getting ready, to the rings and bouquets. I will only be noticed when necessary, and by the end of the day, I will hopefully have cultivated an overwhelmingly positive wedding day experience for you. 

4-6 weeks after the Ceremony:

Your photos are ready! And I cant wait to show them to you!

We will arrange for a video call or a meetup depending on how close you are and have a viewing session! I will go through the highlights with you and we can get all emotional together! At the end of it all, you will have your most precious memories immortalized forever, and I will have created some art that I will look back on with pride.

Now that you have an understanding of my process,

Here are the packages that I have to offer you:

The Hopeless Romantic


This package is for the couple with a smaller budget, but just as much love. This package allows enough time to cover the glory that is your ceremony, as well as a post ceremony photo session, where I can work my magic to capture all of that Newly-Wed emotion in images that you will cherish forever.
  • 4 hours of coverage
  • 1 16"x 20" print of your favorite photo
  • Private online database of all photos
  • Thumb drive of all images high resolution
  • 20 highly stylized, minimum 80 additional edited photos

On Cloud Nine


This is our "Classic" wedding package. I will be there for the entirety of your big day. Every moment will be captured; from the groom rehearsing his vows in the mirror, to grandma falling asleep at the reception because its starting to get late. We will have plenty of time after the ceremony to make any image you or I have dreamed of for your wedding come true. This package is the middle of the road option, that will fit most couples.
  • All day coverage coverage 
  • 2 16"x 20" prints of your favorite photos
  • Custom 12"x "12 high quality hardcover Layflat 30 page wedding album
  • Private online database of all photos
  • Thumb drive of all images high resolution
  • 40 highly stylized  edited photos with minimum 200 additional edited photos

All the Bells & Whistles


This is it! This is our time to shine!​ The Bells & Whistles package is our premium wedding package. We can tailor the artistic theme of your matrimonial event, starting with an included engagement session before the big day. Let's create Magic that will melt together and tell a love story. This package allows us to get much more creative and showcase your story over a longer period of time. We can tell a story of two people's love growing together from the time they said, "yes" to the moment you say, "I do".
  • Includes Engagement Shoot before wedding day 
  • All day coverage,
  • 2 16"x 20" prints of your favorite photos
  • Custom 12"x 12" high quality hard cover Layflat 30 page wedding album
  • 2 additional  8"x 8" wedding albums (for parents etc.)
  • Private online database of all photos
  • Thumb drive of all images high resolution
  • 70 artistically retouched photos, minimum 300 additional edited photos

Destination Wedding


set price, includes travel and expenses

We've decided that we are a perfect fit for each other when it comes to photographing your wedding, but you're getting married outside of the continental United States. Lucky for you, I LOVE to travel. With our destination wedding package, We will be able to make your dream wedding become real! I will ideally arrive two days before the ceremony and stay two days after to make sure we have enough time to create all the magic we can! I have shot on 5 continents and have a plethora of knowledge when it comes to travelling and taking photos in a foreign environment, so you're in good hands! with this package, there's no need to worry about my travel costs! We take care of that! No added stress on your end for your photographers flights and hotel booking! whether you want to take incredibly unique photos in the Sahara desert, or take your vows on a beach in Hawaii,(P.S. I've shot both of those things)  I'm the photographer for the job! 
  • All destination packages are "Bells &  Whistles" wedding packages with 36 page photo book. (includes additional shoots to capture the amazing destination). Photographer will be at the disposal of bride and groom for photos while at destination. Includes additional premium edited photos.



In most cases, people get engaged before they get married; and that's probably why you're reading this. If you haven't committed to booking me for your wedding, but love my style, allow me to shoot your engagement photos! I love engagement sessions because we can really craft whatever our imaginations can come up with! Do you want a levitation shoot in a beautiful mountain vista? do you want your engagement photos to be on a coastal shoal at sunset? we can create whatever we want to make your dream photos come to life! It's these sessions that we get to really know each other so that I can better create the images that you will remember forever.
  • before your big wedding day
  • 4-6 hour shoot
  • minimum 40 premium edited photos
  •  1 16x20 print of your favorite photo
  •  1 Layflat Photo guestbook to display at your wedding
  • private online database of all photos
  • thumb drive of all images high resolution
Get custom wedding notices / save the dates with your favorite engagement photos, crafted by me but approved by you before printing, front and back full color, high quality $100 for every 50 
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